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Another mini painting! This time it's the Doc! I love Christopher Lloyd. He was so nice when I met him at FanX. 

Me and Doc Brown. Jarrod snuck me back before he signed autographs for a little one on one meet and greet. I went for a handshake, he went for a hug. Sweet fella! 

Order up!

A custom order of mini Star Wars paintings is in the bag! Order your custom minis by emailing me at thecheekywhale@gmail.com. 
K love you BAI! 


Natural and effective treatments that I swear by

I have always been one to gravitate towards more natural options. When I had serious stomach issues, I was thrown from one doctor to the next who just kept putting me on prescription pills, which gave me horrible side effects, which I needed more prescriptions to fix. Such a mess. Finally after a year of feeling deathly ill with no end in sight, I demanded a gall bladder test. My instincts were right. My gall bladder wasn't even functioning by that point and my stomach lining was bright red with holes from the onslaught of unprocessed acid.  After gall bladder surgery I still wasn't feeling well so I finally went to a homeopathic specialist for $20. She did some kind of test with a copper pen hooked to a computer that read the weaknesses in my system. $100 of natural supplements and strict schedule of when to take them was what I left with. Within a month I was healed.

Fast forward about 8 years later. I had gastritis. I went to one doctor, he put me on a prescription. I said screw that, and went to a reflexologist that a friend recommended. She read the weaknesses in my feet by pushing a pencil eraser onto my reflex points in my feet (if it hurts, it's a weakness) sent me home with a bunch of herbal drops and supplements and a schedule. Once again, healed.

So you can see that I firmly believe in using what the earth has given us because it has worked for me countless times.

About four years ago my friend told me about Doterra. At the time I had just had a baby and he had eczema on his face and seemed to always be constipated. I decided to try the oils and bought the Family Physicians Kit. I applied lavender and melaleuca diluted with olive oil on Sawyers eczema and within a week it was gone and has never returned. For his constipation, I used DigestZen diluted with olive oil and rubbed it on his belly. Within five minutes he would have a nice poo. Amazing.

I started to use Elevate along with my Prozac. I was terrified to go off of it because I had tried that before and it just never worked. Before long I added Balance to the equation and finally felt daring enough to go off my Prozac. I haven't been on it since. As long as I use the oils every single day, I don't need it.

The same goes for my ADHD. Doterra came out with a blend called In Tune, which I use every day.
I used to use Strattera which worked well but it made me light headed at times, so I tried Adderall which quickly landed me in the ER with heart attack symptoms. No thanks.

My regimen is this:
Each morning after I get out of the shower I rub Serentiy, Balance, Elevate, In Tune and Wild Orange on the bottoms of my feet. Only a couple drops of each is needed. I use it throughout the day if needed, rubbing it on the back of my neck or using a diffuser for aromatherapy.

My website is www.mydoterra.com/melissamae

If you have any questions feel free to email me at thecheekywhale@gmail.com


If you like Back to the Future...

One of the best quotes from Back to the Future! 
A printable PDF file just for you, 3 styles to choose from!
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Speedy Teeny Tiny Batman Painting

Speed painting of Mr. Ada.m West as Batman from the 1960's TV series

These mini paintings come with a tiny easel and are $30 each or 4 for $100.
Email me for details: thecheekywhale@gmail.com


Teeny Tiny Wicket Painting

Check out my speed painting video of this tiny Wicket painting! This will be available along with the rest of the series (stay tuned!) at Salt Lake City FanX 2015!!!
Stop by my table and say HAI! 


Enchanted Forrest in the bag

I finished this up just in time to give to the client for Christmas. I literally delivered it Christmas Eve �� 
I tried to get some detailed shots with my iPhone. Some are a bit blurry but you get the general idea. I will have the actual painting at Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience along with limited edition prints! Please come by and say HAI! 


Why we don't go to church.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to Jarrod how funny it is that as people get older their vibrato slows way down. So we've been singing like that just about every day and of course trying to outdo one another. "Ha ha ha!!! Okay, my turn..."
Sunday we went to a friends sons missionary farewell and got to put our hard practice into action. Well, Jarrod did. I was laughing too hard.



Enchanted Forrest

Currently working on a commission. Here are some progress shots!

 I update on Instagram, so please follow me!  @thecheekywhale


Beauty and the Beast

A custom illustration for the lovely Miss Madeline. For commission inquiries email me at thecheekywhale@gmail.com.


Imagination takes over with The Little Mermaid

Finished! Onto the next, this time it's a Beauty and the Beast theme :)

For custom illustrations like this one please contact me at thecheekywhale@gmail.com



A commissioned piece I am working on that I'm super excited about! This is a crappy cellphone picture, but you get the general idea.

Interview on It's Just Hair

I was flattered when someone commented on my instagram feed asking if I'd be interested in doing an interview on her blog. Thanks for asking me Erin! I am honored! Click here.

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